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Ask the NN4D: Answers to Your Technical Questions  

Each month, an NN4D technical specialist will answer popular questions on map development. This month Abhijit Deshpande, senior solutions engineer, answers the following question:

Q: How do I create concentric circles on a specific location on a map?

A: Concentric circles on a map work as a visual aid in focusing a user’s attention on a specific location of the map. They are useful to ‘zero down’ on a specific location such as a restaurant, monument or street and look similar to a bull’s eye view. 

The first method to add one to a map involves inserting an animated GIF of a bull’s eye (or any other GIF or image asset) in a specific location that has the advantage of visibility at any zoom level.  

The second method is programmatic and the concentric circles are not visible until a certain zoom level is reached. A developer can be more creative with colors, zoom levels and border widths in this method and dynamically change it based on an event.

Method 1:   Add an animated GIF file at a specific location: 

The code is as follows:
myLoc  = new Map24.Location({
Longitude: “597.3”,
Latitude: “3213.0068”,
LogoURL: “ asset.gif”

Method 2:   Create an oval with carefully adjusted color, border width and border color. 

The code is as follows:
myOval = new Map24.Oval({ 
Longitude: “597.3”,
Latitude: “3213.0068”,
Width: 300,
Height: 300,
FillColor: [“FFFFF0”, 75]  
myOval.commit();{ MinimumWidth: 2500 });; 


This is how it looks: 


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