Table Of Contents
-Generate More Revenue by Joining NAVTEQ’s  LocationPoint™ Ad Network – Now Easier Than Ever! 
-LBS App Testing - Anytime. Anywhere
-Leverage 3D Content and Enablers for Advanced Games and Navigation Apps
-Take Advantage of New Opportunities at the ADAS Zone on NN4D
-Product Spotlight: NAVTEQ LocationPoint™ Advertising
-Top 10 Downloads for February: Map Enhanced ADAS, Chicago/Bay Area Sample Data, and VisioDevKit
-FAQs of the Month:  Answers to Your Most Common NN4D Questions 
-NAVTEQ® App Warehouse "App of the Month"
-Media of the Month: The Real Deal behind NAVTEQ LocationPoint™ Advertising
-Come See NN4D at Upcoming Events
-NN4D at Mobile World Congress
-Analyzing Routes with Telogis GeoBase™ and NAVTEQ® ADAS Data

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Generate More Revenue by Joining NAVTEQ’s  LocationPoint™ Ad Network – Now Easier Than Ever! 

This month NAVTEQ launches the new LocationPoint™ WebApp API, enabling you to integrate NAVTEQ location-based ads into your apps and monetize and create new revenue streams for the content you create—all while providing a valued experience for your end-users. The LocationPoint WebApp API is the one tool you need to get fast, easy, no-maintenance access to the NAVTEQ LocationPoint Ad Network, the world’s fastest-growing hyper-local ad network, with publishers that include RIM, Samsung, and Nokia – to name a few.

Within as little as a few hours, the LocationPoint WebApp API helps you plug your commercial apps into NAVTEQ’s location-aware mobile ad network, which delivers relevant and useful location-aware ads, special offers and coupons to users when they’re in a geographic position to go, buy and shop.   The LocationPoint WebApp API delivers pre-formatted ads to your apps via HTML 5 so you can seamlessly leverage cutting-edge ad features as they emerge. To learn about the LocationPoint WebApp API, check out our (freshly updated) LocationPoint developer zone

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