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-Generate More Revenue by Joining NAVTEQ’s  LocationPoint™ Ad Network – Now Easier Than Ever! 
-LBS App Testing - Anytime. Anywhere
-Leverage 3D Content and Enablers for Advanced Games and Navigation Apps
-Take Advantage of New Opportunities at the ADAS Zone on NN4D
-Product Spotlight: NAVTEQ LocationPoint™ Advertising
-Top 10 Downloads for February: Map Enhanced ADAS, Chicago/Bay Area Sample Data, and VisioDevKit
-FAQs of the Month:  Answers to Your Most Common NN4D Questions 
-NAVTEQ® App Warehouse "App of the Month"
-Media of the Month: The Real Deal behind NAVTEQ LocationPoint™ Advertising
-Come See NN4D at Upcoming Events
-NN4D at Mobile World Congress
-Analyzing Routes with Telogis GeoBase™ and NAVTEQ® ADAS Data

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LBS App Testing - Anytime. Anywhere

At the end of last month NN4D launched the NAVTEQ Virtual Developer Lab (VDL), powered by DeviceAnywhere. This is a remote testing service enabling you to test your LBS apps on real handsets in live networks, do pre-certification testing, or test your apps on specific operator variants without physically having the real device in your hand. You can also capture screenshots and record a video of your application right from the device and onto your desktop, giving you an exact replica of how your application will respond in a real-world environment without leaving your desk.

Devices are placed in-network at data centers around the world − currently there are GPS devices available in test centers in the US and UK. Devices for more regions will be added to the package as they become available with operators and handset manufacturers in DeviceAnywhere test centers.

You can access remote devices through the DeviceAnywhere Studio, a client application that runs on your desktop/laptop computer, and control devices simply by using your mouse to click on device buttons or your keyboard to type directly into the device. The DeviceAnywhere Direct-to-Device™ technology is a patented direct-to-device software abstraction layer that communicates users’ actions (key presses, typed inputs) to the device. The abstraction layer maps keys, touchscreen taps and any other controls such as open/close, accelerometer, etc., regardless of underlying device control methodology (via hardware, software, or hybrid software/camera approach). All screen updates are streamed directly to your computer, so you can view the phone screen as if you held it in your hands. 

Testing LBS Functionality

In the NAVTEQ VDL Lab, there are real phones connected with live SIM cards, hence it is possible to use all the features of the phone including Internet access, GPS and WiFi functionality (if available) etc. Note that devices are static (mounted in racks in the DeviceAnywhere hosting data centers) but there are GPS repeaters deployed, so you should be able to get a location of the data center and test a simple LBS app scenario such as, for example, showing a map of where the data center is and giving routing directions to another place on the map from there.


  • Easy-to-access platform for mobile application testing and development
  • Get instant remote access to real handsets in live carrier networks
  • Test unique device features, multiple operating systems and hardware configurations
  • Test any location-based application on any device from anywhere
  • Accelerate your app development and time to market (and quality of apps)

How to Get Access

All registered members of NN4D can use this service and get free trial hours as well as discounted prices on extended testing. We offer additional free testing for NAVTEQ® App Warehouse apps.

Read more and request access to the NAVTEQ VDL to start testing LBS applications on real hardware here.

Visit NN4D and check out the NN4D Blog for our latest news.