Table Of Contents
-Generate More Revenue by Joining NAVTEQ’s  LocationPoint™ Ad Network – Now Easier Than Ever! 
-LBS App Testing - Anytime. Anywhere
-Leverage 3D Content and Enablers for Advanced Games and Navigation Apps
-Take Advantage of New Opportunities at the ADAS Zone on NN4D
-Product Spotlight: NAVTEQ LocationPoint™ Advertising
-Top 10 Downloads for February: Map Enhanced ADAS, Chicago/Bay Area Sample Data, and VisioDevKit
-FAQs of the Month:  Answers to Your Most Common NN4D Questions 
-NAVTEQ® App Warehouse "App of the Month"
-Media of the Month: The Real Deal behind NAVTEQ LocationPoint™ Advertising
-Come See NN4D at Upcoming Events
-NN4D at Mobile World Congress
-Analyzing Routes with Telogis GeoBase™ and NAVTEQ® ADAS Data

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Take Advantage of New Opportunities at the ADAS Zone on NN4D

The recently launched Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Zone on NN4D provides developers with access to technical resources to create applications that take advantage of NAVTEQ's unique ADAS attributes. Additionally, the zone enables developers to learn and build applications taking advantage of the NAVTEQ Map and Positioning Engine (MPE). NAVTEQ MPE provides a compact version of the map with ADAS-only attributes, and a low-cost ADASIS CAN interface. (Click here for further Information on NAVTEQ MPE™).

The ADAS/MPE Zone provides technical resources and map samples for the following:
  • ADAS applications
  • The Electronic Horizon™
  •  NAVTEQ's content portfolio
  •  Development tools and support
Visit the ADAS Zone under the LEARN menu on NN4D, or click here to view it.

Visit NN4D and check out the NN4D Blog for our latest news.