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The NAVTEQ® App Warehouse Delivers!

You’ve heard us talking about the NAVTEQ App Warehouse in a variety of channels and media.  Since its launch earlier this year, we’ve had great interest from the developer community.  Developers saw the benefit of the App Warehouse as a win/win – for the investment of time spent in uploading information about their application to the App Warehouse, there were tremendous gains to be made.  Every application in the App Warehouse has been selected for at least one opportunity. 

In just the past couple of weeks, applications in the App Warehouse have been discovered by:

  • A major retailer
  • A major device manufacturer
  • Two white-labeled app stores interested in promoting apps on new devices
  • A PND provider

The App Warehouse is also a vehicle for the NAVTEQ sales team – 600+ people strong – to find and promote applications to our customer base.  If you’re a developer and haven’t yet submitted your NAVTEQ-based app to the App Warehouse – what are you waiting for?  Information on how to submit your application can be found here.

If you’re interested in finding apps, please visit the NAVTEQ App Warehouse.

Visit NN4D and check out the NN4D Blog for our latest news.